2016 publications

Feature in AfroPunk
"I stumbled across these wicked illustrations by 17-year-old French artist @benbiayenda last night and wanted to share them. So much about Benbiayenda’s images are impressive to me, like the diversity in shade, texture, body types of characters, his two-point perspective is on-point, and so is his representation of black femme culture and the mundane moments that, in truth, say so much about our unspoken bond and shared perspectives. Cool stuff, check ‘em out below."
"There are not nearly enough fashion artists and illustrators that choose to solely draw images that filter fashion through an afrocentric lens, so we get super excited when we find them. Especially when they’re young, self taught and with a fresh perspective on style. French born illustrator Benbiayenda’s illustrations of black beauty and fashion rituals cast a benevolent and truly interesting light on the acts unique to black bodies whose cultural significance is often overlooked."
"17 year-old artist Ben Biyayenda’s young body of work is our new obsession! His vibrant illustrations explore sex-positive images of black bodies and unity between women."
Performance live painting dans le cadre du festival Black Movie Summer a la Bellevilloise, Paris.
"Benjamin Benbiayenda est un étudiant en art qui nous dévoile dans son portofolio une série de dessins sur la beauté noire, la jeunesse noire dans des scènes de vie quotidiennes. Un jeune talent à suivre qui rappelle le « Very Black Project »."
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